Welcome to Mykonos Outdoors 

We are a family of locals that love the nature of Mykonos, enjoy being in outdoors and doing activities and have been ruining activity tours since the summer of 2013. Our tours are Eco friendly and focus on providing our guests

a feel of the islands nature, culture, flavor and adventure. 





- Paddle around rock gardens.

A fun slideshow of our trips !

-I believe I can Fly!!!

  • We offer activity day trips in Mykonos that allow you to see some of the most fabulous vistas and discover tucked away sights, along the turquoise coast.

  • Come and experience the natural beauty and local life of our island, get off the beaten track and discover with us the hidden gems of  Mykonos. 

""Smell the sea and feel the sky 

let your soul and spirit fly....""

                                                             Van Morrison

Challenge yourself in an archery session

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