Prices  2020

Kayak taster session + Mykonos Classic Outdoors  (A+B) : 80,00 euros per person

Mykonos Classic Outdoors + Archery session         (B+D) : 80,00 euros per person

Kayak taster session + Mykonos Classic Outdoors                                                 + Greek lunch + Archery Session            (A+B+C+D) :  130,00 euros per person

Special  Offers

Kayak taster + Mykonos Classic Outdoors      (A+B) :    150,00 euros for 2 people 

Mykonos Classic Outdoors + Archery Session (B+D) :    150,00 euros for 2 people 

Kayak taster session + Mykonos Classic Outdoors                                                    + Greek lunch + Archery Session:     (A+B+C+D) :      250,00 euros for 2 people

How to book your Outdoor Experience

In order to make a booking for an activity tour with Mykonos Kayak, just follow the steps below:


  • Fill in the information form in the contact area and submit it to Mykonos Kayak.

  • We'll reply within 24 hrs and if there's availability we will make a provisional booking for you.

  • Make payment.

  • And we'll confirm your reservation and send you all the trip details.


As on our trips we travel in small group sizes of up to 20 people, booking early is highly recommended.​