Who we are 


We are a family, who live year round in Mykonos.   We love our island, its sea and nature.  Sea kayaking started as a hobby for us 15 years ago and quickly became a passion.


We delight in discovering new coves and bays, rock gardens and islets.  Spotting kestrels and falcons soaring high in the sky, European Shags sillouetted on rocky outcrops and sometimes even spotting the rare Audouin's Gull


We are at our happiest immersed in nature whilst hiking remote herb covered coastal hills and snorkelling around fascinating rock gardens.  Often we hear Mykonos descriped as a jet set, party island and though this is true to some extent it fails to accurately describe the Mykonos we know.

Back in the 1950's when the first travellers started to discover and fall in love with Mykonos it was its natural beauty that charmed them, not clubs and bars!!   It is this natural beauty that we want to promote and hopefully preserve, as we all become increasingly aware of how precious and truly unique it is.

►Our Daily Trips:   Swim and snorkel on beautiful, remote beaches. Trips are planned on a day to day basis. We take into account the weather conditions.Observe the diverse wildlife.

►Our General Philosophy:   We do what we love! We want you to fall in love with kayaking, our coast and its nature, and this passion shows in everything we do. We don’t cut corners,

we always put forth a 110% effort and we are always trying to improve. Vacations should be safe, fun, educational and of course environmentally friendly!




Mykonos June 1982 Leaning over the rails of the Ferry, drinking in my first sight of Mykonos. A cluster of cubic white washed houses stood glittering in the sun light, nestled around a small harbour, filled with brightly coloured fishing boats.That was it.

This Essex girl's love affair with Mykonos had begun! Awaiting me on this tiny rock of an island set in the middle of the  Aegean Sea was my destiny.

Some years later, I would meet and fall in love with a young Greek man, we would marry and make Mykonos our home.


Mykonos June 2012 Of course, things have changed over the years, (we certainly have!) the island has become more touristy, more built up, yet the true essence of Mykonos hasn't been lost.The natural beauty, wildlife and traditions that originally charmed the first visitors to Mykonos, still exist today.You just have to know where to look. So this is our aim at MykonosKayak. To take you paddling on a kayaking trip, hiking over herb covered coastal hills and snorkelling in crystal clear waters. You don't have to be an experienced paddler, to join in.

An open mind, good humour and the wish to savour new trails, is all that is needed.

And we promise you.

This experience will be the highlight of your journey!'


Mykonos Apri 2019. We are now on our 8th year since we turned our beloved hobby of kayaking, into creating our bussiness, Mykonoskayak.

Hundreds of people have joined us so far, on a journey to explore Mykonos outdoors and discover all the well hidden secrets of our island.

It's been a journey where the soul and the body from all of our our quests has feasted equally and we take pride on it.

This journey has just started and it's going to last for as long as we can grab a paddle and jump on a kayak!