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If you are looking for something different to do in Mykonos, join our:


                                         Real Mykonos - Active Island Tour.

Our family lives all year around in Mykonos since 1983. We were very privileged to arrive  to hospitable Mykonos with our backpack a sleeping bag and a beach mat, like every other visitor those days and made it our home ever since! Paradise Beach in the south-side became our first home and working place and Agios Sostis in the untamed and pristine north-side, is our nowadays favorite operating area.

Over the years our Island developed, became very popular making it very crowded at times and rather daunting for today’s visitor. It’s challenging for a newcomer to distinguish and separate the beauty of Mykonos through the artificial development and some added “kitsch”, it’s like seeing a precious stone in the quarry, mixed with all the dirt that needs filtration to shine.

Our aim is to remove all the obstacles by using our local knowledge, so that we may reveal   to you the beauty, charm and essence of Mykonos. We’ll be taking you along, off the beaten track, sharing stories, visiting our special favorite places.

The Active Island Tour is built from all those years of experience, it has a focus on outdoor activities, is taking you on a trip to the other Mykonos through picturesque back roads avoiding the crowds, getting to know Mykonos island more personally and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

-This is not the right tour for someone who only wishes to see Mykonos highlights,

rather than to discover the essence of real Mykonos.

The Real Mykonos Tour is a tour we guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled about. Does this happen because of our fascinating story telling, your immersion in pristine nature, the feasting of your eyes in the crystal clear waters, the sound of silence on a pristine secret beach, we don’t know. What we do know is that at the end of it, you like so many other visitors, will also admit that:

-Today we saw the real Mykonos!

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