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- I have never paddled in a sea kayak before, is this a problem?

Absolutely not, previous kayaking experience is not necessary for our trips. The majority of our clients are trying out sea kayaking for the first time. We always cater to these needs by offering a full lesson prior to our initial departure. From there we design our trips to accommodate progressive learning. Double kayaks are very helpful for the less confident, first timer. .


What kind of physical shape do I have to be in?

All you need is to be in an average shape and to feel in a normal physical condition. People in decent physical condition tend to capitalise more on the nature of the experience. You should have good health and you should mention to the us any health prolem and any medication that you might be using. For the safety of everyone in the group, It is necessary to be able to swim, as we dedicate one tour leader for 7 to 8 quests, complying to the BCU safety standards.


- Am I safe if my kayak capsizes and we fall into the water?

Yes you're absolutely safe. Your PFD (life jacket) will keep you afloat and all you have to do is to hold on to your kayak and wait for our tour leaders to assist you. In all of our trips we travel close to the shore.


- What happens if the weather is not so good on the day we have booked our activity? 

We still run our activities when it is raining, or windy; we do however cancel them if it is extremely windy or there is any other reason that safety may be compromised. If MykonosKayak needs to cancel an activity, you'll be informed at the earliest and you'll be given the option of swapping to another activity, a change of date or a full refund, whichever you prefer. If there's a cancelation from your side, for any reason, there will unfortunately be no refund.


- How many hours per day do we paddle?

The paddling depends on the tour leaders assessment of weather, time and sea conditions - but generally we paddle no more than 3 hours per day and no more than 10km.  We make two short stops and one long stop for lunch, so there is plenty of time to stretch your legs, relax, snorkel, swim, hike and explore the coastal scenery.


- Do you use double sea kayaks?

Our policy is to use double sea kayaks. They're longer than single kayaks and therefore more fun and stable for newcomers. They help to team up a more experienced, with a less experienced kayaker.They go faster, they're easier to paddle against the wind and travel for longer distances, because of the two paddlers power. People that they can show proof that they own their own sea kayak at home, or have a certificate that they know kayaking, we're happy to offer them single kayaks.


- What should I bring with me ?

A pair of shorts and T-shirt, your swimming costume, a hat and your sun cream is essential to bring with you. For your feet it any shoes/sandals even flip-flops will do and it's even easier to paddle bare feet. It is usefull though to bring a pair of trainers, prefferably old as that you don't mind them getting wet. They'll be handy when we are at land, as we might do a small hike, or if you need to walk on sharp rocks. or if the sand when we stop at a beach is too hot for bared feet.  


- Is it safe to bring an expensive camera / phone ?

No unless it's a waterproof one. The salt water is very bad for electronic equipment, if they come in contact with it. In any case If you happen to have noo waterproof electronics with you, we can keep them safe for you either in our base or in the van.  In any case our team takes many photos of the many  memorable moments of our sea kayaking expedition,  which we will hapilly make available to you, for FREE.(We usually send them to your email about 10-15 days after the trip for you to download them.)


- Is 75 Euro's  expensive for a full day all inclusive seakayak trip?

No, it is a fare price. It is a full day truly ALL INCLUSIVE trip. It includes  all the required equipment (kayak, paddle, PFD jacket,  snorkelling gear) kayaking instruction (introductory lesson, paddling strokes),  meals (snack, picnic lunch, 1 1/2ltr bottle of mineral water) and all optional activities and fun games with our team.

And in about 10 days after the trip we send to your email FREE PHOTOS from our trip.


- What wildlife will we see on the trip?

Since wildlife is indeed wild we can't make any guarantees, but chances are you will have the pleasure of seeing creatrures of the land, sea and sky. Depending on where you travel, you may see kestrels and falcons, Mediterranean Shags, Cory's Shearwaters, Audouin's Gulls, dolphins, monk seals and majestic crocodile lizards basking in the shimmering sun. 


- What preparations should I do before the trip?

You don't need to do any preparations before the trip. All you need is a decent night's sleep the night before the trip and to have an open mind to absorb as much as possible from your adventure. Attention to the safety briefing and the signaling before the trip is important. Our tour leaders will be with you at all times and they will be more than happy to answer to all your questions and help you in any way possible, in order to make sure that your trip will be enjoyable and fun.

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