1.  Mykonos Classic trip




Our popular Mykonos Classic trip is composed of the very best that Mykonos Island has to offer, it's a delightful journey of the senses, revealing the magic of the authentic Mykonos. We take the utmost pride in sharing this jewel of the Aegean with you.


Mykonos offers a truly unique sea kayaking experience, spectacular vistas, long sandy beaches, crystal clear water, enchanting secret coves, local wildlife, fragrant local aromatic wild herbs and dramatic rock formations. The wild northern coastline delivers a revitalizing break from the hustle and bustle of modern living.


The island has a rich and vibrant culture, as well as a dramatic geological past. Exploring this pristine environment, paddling around the dramatic coastline, and being the captain of your own vessel in the form of a modern sea kayak, allows you to reconnect with nature, reinvigorating your mind, body, and soul.


Our goal is to craft a memorable experience, which you will remember for a lifetime. Our local experienced group leaders and our BCU qualified kayak instructors will take you on a journey of discovery, exploring Mykonos from the sea, revealing to you the authentic Mykonos, that few people have had the privilege of witnessing.




Distance:                      4 - 8km (2,5 - 5miles)

Age:                              12+

Group Size:                  Up to 20 people. (Minimum 6)

Experience Level:        Beginner - Intermediate

Duration:                       Approx. 3 hrs (1- 2 hrs Kayaking), From aprox 10:00 to 13:00

IItinerary:                      Kayaking hiking and snorkeling, variable, depending on wind conditions. 

Wind max:                     5 beaufort, over 5 beaufort winds cancelled with full refund.

Operating months:       May, June, October

Transfer*:                      Transfer* NOT included, (meet us at the paddling place of the day)

Photos:                          Free photos from the kayak trip.(Sent to your email.) 


                                                                           -We can arrange for your transfer, please ask for a quote.                                 



-Ideal for cruise

        ship visitors!

2.  Mykonos Private


If you would like to experience Mykonos privately, accompanied only with your closest person or people, family and friends, Mykonos Private is the ideal option for you. We can provide a private experience where you will have the exclusive attention of our highly trained guides and local experts.


Due to the reduced group size your experience will be more flexible, allowing you to decide where you would like to spend more time. This freedom of exploration conjures an incredible sense of adventure.


Maybe you would prefer more time relaxing on a secluded picturesque beach, or a little longer snorkeling, admiring the beautiful marine life, or you may want to explore kayaking as much of the stunning Mykonian coastline as possible. The choice is yours to make.


If you feel that a private experience is for you, then please send us an email and we would be happy to discuss the options. We look forward to crafting some truly unforgettable memories with you!



3.  Mykonos Corporate


Here at Mykonos Kayak we believe that team-building experiences improve productivity and motivation. Taking employees out of the office helps groups break down political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun. The benefits of our corporate team-building programs are hugely significant, some benefits being:


  • Improvement of morale and leadership skills

  • Finding the barriers that thwart creativity

  • Clearly defining objectives and goals

  • Improving processes and procedures

  • Improving organisational productivity

  • Identifying a team’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Improving the ability to problem solve


Our team-building program provides upbeat and powerful team experiences allowing companies to compete effectively by enabling staff at all corporate levels to work as true team players.


If you would like more information on how Mykonos Sea Kayak can help your staff team, then please get in touch! 

How to book your Mykonos Experience!

In order to make a booking for an activity tour with Mykonos Kayak, just follow the steps below:


  • Fill in the information form in the contact area and submit it to Mykonos Kayak.

  • We'll reply within 24 hrs and if there's availability we will make a provisional booking for you.

  • Make payment. 

  • And we'll confirm your reservation and send you all the trip details.


As on our trips we travel in small group sizes of up to 20 people, booking early is highly recommended.​


Additional information for Mykonos Kayak trip .

Requirements:            Ability to swim, average health/physical fitness, not advised for pregnant.

Cancelation Policy:    For any cancelations made 7 or less days before the trip, or a non-show for any reason, there is no refund. 

                                     If Mykonos Kayak cancels a trip,  we'll refund you 100%. 

 Itinerary:                   All our tours are held in the outdoors and therefore are weather dependant and the exact irtenerary changes according                                      to the weather conditions in order to have an enjoyable and safe trip.  Our Classic tour is running up o 5 beaufort wind                                       scale.

Operation period:      We paddle daily from 1st of May until the 30th of September.  From October to April a minimum number of 8 people is                                       required.

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