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Vanessa W - May 2016 - Trip Advisor


“Highlight of our Mykonos stay!”


The kayak experience was great. First, the staff was fantastic. They picked us up from the hotel and brought us to the beach where we got a quick lesson. Our group was mostly beginners and they did a great job of giving us guidance while also allowing us to be independent and learn. They were also super funny and friendly. On top of that it is a family business so it really made it seem like family.


The actually kayaking was the perfect balance between feeling active without feeling exhausted. We got to see some amazing once-in-a-lifetime sites and snorkel which were also super fun. For lunch they prepared for us sandwiches with all local ingredients including basil, tomato's, and olives their family grew themselves. When we booked they asked for our dietary restrictions. I mentioned one of my friends wanted to try Greek olives and they made sure to include them in the menu.

This is definitely something I would recommend and was one of the highlights of our entire time in Greece. To the Mykonos Kayak team, we wish you all the best and appreciate you for the experience!

Chris - May 2016 - Trip Advisor




A truly great experience. Had limited time on Mykonos as part of a cruise and a group of us booked this and couldn't be more satisfied. Had never been kayaking before but this family run operation made it worth the wait. Can't wait to receive the pictures they took. Highly recommend!!

Amanda - June 2016 - Facebook


I would like to thank Nikos and his family for showing me the active and beautiful side of Mykonos. The kayaking and snorkeling were out of this world. The lunch they prepared for us was better than any expensive meal on the island because of the fresh ingredients and thoughtfulness that went into the preparation. I highly recommend this adventure!

Chrystal D - June 2016 - Trip Advisor


“The Value Well Exceeds the Price!!!!!!!”


This was the highlight of our time spent in Mykonos. An opportunity to leave behind the congested, partying and shopping areas (not that they are a bad thing!) and really see the island in a very authentic, uninterrupted, natural state. Its really such a beautiful island, best seen by kayak I think. The tour group is professional, attentive, fun, and inclusive. They encourage respect of the island and the locals. And the food was so delicious, I've already made the tzatziki recipe for my family :) Thanks to the whole group -- what a perfect way to

spend a day!


Brianna - May 2016 - Trip Advisor


“Unforgettable experience”


If you are in Mykonos, you absolutely have to do a kayak day tour with these amazing people. Nikos and Alex were extremely kind, friendly and professional; spending a day of kayaking with them allowed us to explore the island in such a unique way. We got to enjoy delicious traditional food, and we were even provided with some beautiful pictures of our day. All in all, this was truly a great experience that I would strongly recommend to anyone!!

Linh - October 2015 - Trip Advisor


“Phenomenal and Unforgettable Experience!”


If you're looking for an incredible experience kayaking in Mykonos, then look no further. The opportunity offered at Mykonos Kayak Day Tours & Trails is absolutely the best! The team running the company is extremely professional, accommodating and kind. All gear and equipment are provided, along with pick-up and drop-off services. You get stunning views from various coastline beaches, including great company, commemorative photos, an authentic homemade Greek meal and snorkeling opportunities. Highly recommended!

Joyce - May 2016 - Trip Advisor


“Fantastic Trip”


I went on this trip on my own with this Fantastic Family Company. I couldn't fault the day from beginning to end and I thank them wholeheartedly for accommodating me with my arthritic problems. If you relish new experiences, even if you have never kayaked before you MUST book this one. It includes your lunch and snorkelling and even my first taste of sea urchin - interesting!! Thank you Jo, Nikos & Sam - I'm still smiling from my day

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